Review: Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickboxing

Almost a week ago, I mentioned I had tried a new workout, said I would write a review of it…then almost immediately forgot all about it.  It’s called “getting old”, though I prefer to think of it as “delightfully scatter-brained”.

The workout I tried was Jillian Michaels’ Cardio Kickboxing:


I’m not a huge fan of Jillian Michaels, but I came across this workout online for free, saw it was about 25 minutes long, and figured, what the heck?  Why not give it a try?


Right off the bat, I started wondering what Jillian Michaels had to drink, smoke, or otherwise consume before this workout.  She is very giggly, silly, and loopy, to the point it gets a bit annoying.  Barely 30 seconds into the intro, she bleats into snorting horse laughter for no apparent reason.  It all comes off as a bit forced and fake.

The workout is basic choreography, no complicated steps, and moves along in a drill format: for example, 30 seconds of this move, 20 reps of that, repeat a few times, move on.  There’s nothing wild and crazy here, simple punches and kicks, cardio moves like knees to elbows, but very little information and guidance about form, so if you don’t already know how to throw a punch or execute a side kick, it might be better to start elsewhere.

The workout got my heart rate up, and I was lightly sweating, but I had no issues keeping up.  (Given my fitness level these days, which is something close to zero, that means it isn’t a very intimidating workout at all).  I would label it as barely intermediate, not quite beginner, but definitely not advanced either.

I would do this workout again if I can still find it for free online, but I doubt I would spend anything on it to own it on DVD.  It’s an old workout, nothing spectacular, and more than a little on the odd side.  But if you want a quick workout that’s not on the gasping-and-wheezing level of intensity, it’s worth a shot.

Excited and Happy

I don’t usually write on weekends, but I am too excited to wait until Monday.  Yesterday at work, I had a very good meeting.  We have a lot of changes happening here, and since we are a small office, I have had to take on extra work and responsibility over the past year or so.  To show their appreciation for me pitching in without complaining (at least out loud), and for doing so well,  I was awarded quite  a nice raise.

I would like to treat myself to a little something, but I’m not sure what.  New shoes?  New purse?  Something I would usually tell myself, “Oh, I don’t really need that.”  Something that my practical side normally would say “no” about.  Perfume?  I need to think about it.  Any suggestions?

I also went running the other night, or more like it, shuffling very slowly and painfully on the treadmill, while I huff and puff and turn various shades of red.  But each step is one tiny nudge closer to getting back into shape, and it would be much easier to not do it at all, so I am proud of myself for pushing myself.

We have a busy day planned today, but the most important thing was first: watching my younger stepson’s football practice!  I love football and can’t wait for the season to kick off.  In fact, just the phrase “kick off” gets me all excited and ready to start cheering and yelling.  I am happy my husband and I got to hang out at the game, see the kids, and got the day off to a nice start before setting off for a hectic day.

We have a date night tonight, and I am looking forward to that.  We are celebrating my work accomplishments and just spending some time together.

And, last but certainly not least, I weighed in this morning to another loss!  I know no one can tell yet that I am losing weight again, but it makes me happy to have these little successes.

All in all, I am just in a really good mood today, and excited about the changes taking place all around me.  School starts next week, which still makes me nervous and excited. I hope the kids have a good year.

Busy Week

What a busy week!  I can’t believe it’s Friday already.   I also can’t believe the kids go back to school next week.  Wasn’t their last day of school just yesterday?

My husband and I went to the kids’ schools yesterday for orientation.  I expected it to be chaotic, disorganized, and absurd, and that trash school lived right up (or down) to my expectations.  That school district isn’t qualified to teach rocks.

My husband tried to make the best of it, joking around with the kids, reviewing their class schedules, issuing pep talks about a good school year.  But it was obvious to both of us that nothing has changed, nothing has gotten any better.

That is by no means a criticism of the kids.  They are the only people in that entire inbred town who have more than two brain cells to rub together.  Seeing the kids is always a good thing.  I just wish it was in better circumstances for them.  I wish I could leave feeling like they are in good hands, with everything they need for bright futures.  Instead, I walk away feeling like I am leaving them in a pit of decay, surrounded by ignorance, and the only ones concerned by that, as usual, are me and their father.

I try to keep faith that since the kids are intelligent, they will rise above the circumstances being forced onto them.  They deserve better.  I wish everyone felt that way.

I got several compliments throughout the day yesterday, which was a nice surprise.  One lady told me I have nice nails, and a young man said my top was a good color on me.  My husband helped me pick out that top, so I let him know he does good work!

I also tried a new workout last night, so I will post a review of that soon.  Happy Friday!


It’s a Miracle!

omg-its-a-miracle-icanhascheezburger-com-o-m-g-its-a-53766876It’s a miracle!  Hallelujah!  After weeks and weeks (okay, more like months and months) of gaining, I finally weighed in on Saturday morning and had a loss.  I am down 1.4 pounds, to be exact.

It’s been a long time since I had a loss.  I’m excited, and admittedly still kind of surprised, that I finally turned this around and am back on track.

I still have a very long way to go, since I let myself get so far off track.  But one good week is exactly what I needed.  I feel so much more motivated this week, now that I have proven to myself that I can still do this.