Hello, Fall!

I adore the fall. Brilliantly colored leaves, cool air, the smell of fireplaces, the crackling of a camp fire (soon), sweaters, snuggling under a blanket in the evening with my husband…I love all of it.

Here in the south, it doesn’t feel a whole lot different than yesterday: warm, muggy, humid. We get the hassle of having to rake leaves but very little of the gorgeous red, yellow, and orange colors. But fall is still my favorite season.

Cooler temperatures are around the corner, which means finally being able to sit on the back deck with a candle lit; eating dinner outside with my husband; lighting a fire in the fireplace and being lulled into peace by the flickering and crackling flames; and finally breaking out my favorite comfortable sweaters and sweatshirts!

I am also looking forward to taking my tablet onto the deck and working out in the great outdoors, with squirrels and rabbits and birds cheering me on…or just wondering what the hell I am doing, making all that racket.

Happy first day of fall!


It’s been a rough few weeks! First I was sick, then just as I was finally on the mend from that, I managed to hurt myself. Best I can tell, I tore or strained something in my hip flexor. All I know for sure is, it hurt like hell to stand up or walk for a few days, and I had to hobble around with one hand pressed to my hip. All I needed was a cane, white hair, and to sit on the front porch shouting at kids to get off my lawn.

After some ice, a few days of rest, and some teasing (okay, a lot of teasing) from my husband, I seem to be back to walking upright and without grunting today. I still feel a bit tired, but I know that is not a residual effect of being sick; rather, it is due to my husband’s and my stubborn refusal to go to bed at a decent time, insisting we are not tired, then wondering why on earth we are still up at some ungodly hour.

Now I am left wondering exactly where the weekend went, because it flew by much too quickly. I guess the only thing left to do is focus on making this a great week…sleepy or not!

I Choose Happiness

I came across this quote this morning, and I smiled because I felt like I really needed to see it right now:

I don’t want to ever lose sight of all of the positive things in my life for which I am actually very grateful, though I may not say it enough. Nothing that hate-filled people do or say will stop me from appreciating my sidekick, my best buddy, my husband, or all the ways he makes me smile and laugh and feel like the most loved and cherished woman in the world.

I adore our home and our yard, and how we have created and beautifully built all of it together.

I am grateful for the relationship we both have with my older stepson after so many jealous attempts to destroy that bond. We tried so hard to protect him for so many years; now we are helping him heal from deep wounds inflicted by people he should have been able to trust.

Yesterday I received some exciting news at work, and it’s not written in stone just yet, but there are some changes coming down the wire that definitely work in my favor. Let’s just say for now that it is evident my co-workers and supervisors value my hard work. After previously working for a company that basically took my skills and work ethic for granted, it is amazing to be appreciated and given credit for my effort.

Negative people will always be negative. They have nothing else to do and don’t know how else to be. They have nothing positive in their lives except the fake image they fabricate and thrust upon others. Is it any wonder they are reduced to siphoning light and love and happiness from our lives?

I won’t lower myself to being like them. I am better than that. The people I love deserve better than that from me. Whatever others choose, I choose happiness, growth, love, peace, laughter.